Doctor Who Party

Throwing a sweet 16 party for my Doctor Who loving daughter was both fun and educational! Having never seen the show that dominates much of Meghan’s life, I had to become quickly literate in all things “Whovian”. Ok, I will readily admit that I still don’t understand much about the Doctors, but I can at least tell you that it’s a show that involves time travel, utilizing some sort of british police call box…aka the TARDIS. After scouring Pinterest and the official BBC site, I came up with the following…

Gluten Free Vanilla Cupcakes with TARDIS toppers (printed off the Internet after doing an image search)

Bow Ties, because “bow ties are cool”…apparently! (Found locally at Party City)

Daleks (images printed from BBC website)

Clocks set at random times (had on hand)

**the** TARDIS (ordered from Amazon, this was a huge hit!)

“Fish Sticks” and custard (a Doctor favorite! Custard is just instant vanilla pudding, served up fancy in mini martini glasses.The fish sticks are really gluten free peanut butter cookies, coated in peanut butter and rolled in cookie crumbs. Many a guest avoided them because they thought they were real fish sticks…mission accomplished!)

Also pictured above is the Wibbly, Wobbly, Timey, Wimey jello in TARDIS blue of course. (Blue raspberry jello with candy sprinkles and smarties dropped in while it was setting up)

The menu also included:
TARDIS Tacos- a DIY taco bar
Barusa Bean Salad- my recipe, see below
Sonic Screwdriver Punch- simply blue Koolaid with club soda added in for fizz
Beer and Wine for the over 21 crowd

This party was a blast to research and implement. Focusing on a solid color, blue of course, made the prep easy. All of the basics, table covering, balloons, hanging pom-poms, paper/plastic products and goodie bags, came from Party City. The rest involved simple Internet searches. This party came together in just a week and, although I may be biased, was quite successful. One of my favorite touches was the use of plastic wine glasses for all of the beverages. They added an air of sophistication perfect for these kiddos who are rapidly approaching adult hood. They clearly set this gathering apart from a “little kid” party. It wasn’t the typical “Sweet 16”, pink and frilly party, but instead was tailor-made for my quirky, yet totally awesome daughter.

Bean Salad

+ 2 cans black beans- rinsed and drained
+ 2 cobs Fresh corn- cooked, cooled and cut off cob
+ 1 medium cucumber- diced
+ Crumbled feta cheese- add to your taste
+ Juice from 1 fresh lime
+ A few drizzles of olive oil
+ Sea salt to taste
+ Fresh minced cilantro to taste

Stir above ingredients until just combined, chill one hour before serving, Serves 6