Homemade Chalk Paint

Months (years??) ago, I picked up an ugly buffet from Goodwill. It was a hideous shade of brown. I’m not even sure what it was made from, as it was the shiniest “wood” I’d ever seen. It was immediately pressed into service as a sofa table, used to hold overflow table linens. I intended to paint it….someday! But the timing was never right, nap times too short, too many curious fingers. Finally the day arrived when all the stars were aligned! Both of the younger kiddos were down at the same time AND they both finally understand that really they’re not supposed to touch something if Mommy says “no touching!” Oh, and it helps that no one needed dropping off or picking up!

I had done some prior research and knew that I wanted to try out a homemade version of chalk paint. Originally I figured I’d just order some Annie Sloans but at close to $30 a quart (choke.cough.gasp) that certainly wasn’t going to happen. Instead I purchased a quart of antique white from Lowes and a box of plaster of paris, yup, the same stuff used to make all those kiddie handprints from so long ago. I mixed up a couple of batches using 1:3 ratio of PoP to paint. The advantage of this method is that I didn’t have to sand OR prime the buffet first! Huge time saver! Once mixed I just rolled it on with a small foam roller. It went on nice and thick, although to get a nice even texture I ended up putting on 3 coats. I lightly distressed the corners and edges with fine grit sandpaper to age it a bit. After a night to cure, I added a thin layer of wax to protect the finish.

I LOVE the finished product…so worth the wait. And I couldn’t be happier with my DIY chalk paint. It’s holding up beautifully and the color possibilities are endless!

Now if I could just decide on hardware!