Weekend Musings

My grandmother didn’t seem to give much thought to the things hanging on her walls. Once a work of art was hung it never moved. The collage made out of various nuts and seeds that pieced together to make a fall scene complete with a walnut squirrel, was always to be found hanging at the end of her kitchen cabinets. The souvenir spoons from places near and far could be forever admired on the wall between the kitchen and living room. The hooked rug depicting our family cabin hung above the fireplace, and was moved only after her death when it made its long journey from California to Maryland to grace my moms wall.

I, on the other hand, give WAY to much thought to the things that I will have to gaze upon on a daily basis. All of the things in my world (aka my home) are measured against my personal mantra…that all things need to be necessary, purposeful or bring me joy . This is most certainly true with the things I choose to decorate with. Three years ago we completed an addition on our home, and up until this weekend the walls in our master bedroom remained vacant. I simply could not find something that was joy inducing, worthy of hammering nails into our unmarred walls.

It occurred to me that I had saved all of the impossibly tiny outfits that my four kiddos wore home from hospital, and after a bit of Internet inspiration, came up with a display idea. I picked up four basic frames from Michaels, removed the glass and wrapped each cardboard insert in a bit of batting and light-weight burlap. I then pinned each outfit to the backing. So far they seem to be holding up nicely, but as gravity takes over I may need to add a few more pins.

While I, unlike my grandma, DO move my things around, forever fussing with getting the “just right” placement, I think these may have found a forever home, bringing me joy with every glance. Now if I could just decide on something for above our bed…

One thought on “Weekend Musings

  1. The entire area looks beautiful. Your Dad was trying to remember, did Meghan come home in the outfil top left? You are correct, Mom never moved anything around, including furniture. The home I grew up in was always the same. Occasionally we had new furniture, but it was always in the same place. Guess that’s why I’m constantly moving things around.

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