Valentines Day

This morning I awoke to a bit of snow on the ground and an anxious 11 year old claiming to have missed her bus. Of course this propels me into panic mode…fly out of bed, jump into a pair of yoga pants, no time for a bra, grab the keys and go! Delivering said child safely to her middle school, with 2 minutes to spare until bell time (whew!), I drive leisurely home and come face to face with red roses my hubby left for me, on the counter, along with a lovely sappy card and a half eaten Cadbury egg…seems SOMEONE (Sofia!) had to assess its tastiness on my behalf. 😉 However just that half of the egg gave me energy to do some actual cleaning, yes, I even turned on the vacuum! Ok, to be fair, I HAD to turn on the vacuum after one of my down pillows exploded its feathers all over my hall way, but still, it counts! I did manage to turn this…

Into this…

So on this Valentines day, my home is a bit fresher, and feather free and I have the pleasure of gazing upon a little piece of my husbands love for me.

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