Pinterest Part II

Oh Pinterest how I love thee! After several days of pouring over thousands of pins that had nothing to do with my February goals, (it’s just too easy to get distracted and off track on Pinterest!), I have settled on these projects that I’m going to try and accomplish this month…

Sew this:

Hunt for one or two of these and hang them in Joshua’s room:

Tackle a few drawers:

Organize my greeting cards:

Win the winter gear war with a couple of these:

One thought on “Pinterest Part II

  1. I am anxious to see the outcome of these projects. I started to go on line and see the, but it was taking soooo long, I finally gave up. The sewing machine cover sounds interesting. Hurry and make everything, take aa picture and post it here. Keep up the crafts, ideas and writing. It is great.

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