Pinterest Possibilities

Ok, I looked and looked over the three books I was contemplating and nothing, project wise, jumped out at me. Sure, they were full of lovely pictures, some even with essays and back stories. But no sparks were ignited.

I’m realizing more and more how much my home is in disarray. I know this because when I go looking for some random thing it takes me more than a few minutes to find said object. Occasionally it takes me even longer and more often than I’d like I can’t locate it at all!

My house is storage challenged, a politically correct way of saying this house sucks for storage! We have so few closets, and those we do have are small. Sure we have two sheds, but one is filled to the brim with outdoor gear and Christmas decorations. The other houses my hubby’s workshop, aka wood warehouse, and a bit of spill over from the house (namely appliances my well meaning mother-in-law decided we NEEDED). What I’m trying to say here, is that there are not enough places for all of our stuff! Despite a massive purge this past fall we still have too much.

The biggest problem with not having a “home” for each little thing, is that I spend WAY too much time “tidying”! I’m forever picking up and putting away, as my mom would say. Because of this I never get around to doing any actual cleaning. My vacuum is gathering dust, and not in a good way, my magic erasers haven’t been performing any magic, my swiffers are not swiffering; my dust bunnies are multiplying and I have serious cobwebs hanging from my light fixtures.

The point of all this?? Instead of focusing strictly on crafts this month, I am going to spend some time on Pinterest and find a few ideas I can implement to get a better handle on the S-T-U-F-F. I have a big idea to add a ton of storage but need to get Nick on board first! In the meantime I will use what we have, get rid of more junk, and, if the stars align just right, maybe even do a dust bunny round-up.

I will return with some Pinterest links soon!

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