Tweaking the plan…

Tweaking the plan...

So, it’s my first project and I’ve already strayed off course. The book, Weekend Homemade, shows you how to make a beautifully detailed pattern all over the table top. I wasn’t sure I could commit to that much pattern just yet, so I decided on a simple stencil design in just one “corner” of an antique store find. This table is actually almost a replica of a table I saved from my grandmothers furnishings after her death. Her table is in much better condition than this one. So this seemed a logical choice for my first foray into the crafting world.

I lightly sanded some of the cracked finish, but for the most part left it’s “patina” alone. Using a sea sponge I simply dabbed a mixture of cream and white acrylic paint over the stencil. I may add a top sealer coat or perhaps I will re-sand and get brave enough to do a design all over! Time will tell.

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